Work with us

We are always happy to welcome new qualified professionals into our group.

We are looking for:

  • Translators with proven experience in all languages
  • Professional interpreters
  • Qualified, continuously updated language teachers, both mother tongue and otherwise
  • Hostesses, stewards, tour leaders and tourist guides

Send us your CV with a digital photograph and details of your specialisation to and we’ll contact you to meet you in person or via skype, test your skills and add you to our database of linguistic consultants.

We recommend that you state your educational history (university, institutes, organisations, certifications and the year of achievement), the foreign languages known and their level, your work experience together with any verifiable references, and your base rates per “cartella” (page of 1,500 characters) or per word.

Don’t forget to give us consent to process your personal data ;-)

If, instead, you are a graduate and are looking for an opportunity to learn and gain experience in the world of translations and interculturalism, contact us to discuss an internship in our company!

Job recruitment bergamo
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