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Translating is a process that can vary enormously depending on the factors involved.

It may involve research to ensure terminological precision, for example, in order to find the exact translation of a specific technical term.

It may be the correct grammatical and syntactical rendering of a term, especially when translating a language that constructs sentences in a different way from us.

It may become a question of interpreting the meaning of a concept in a way that makes it comprehensible to the reader.

It is, however, always a process that requires specific preparation (it’s not enough to know a language to be a translator!).

For this reason, first of all we analyse the text and discuss it with the customer so that we can better understand his needs; we select a translator with the right knowledge of the sector, who is strictly mother tongue in the target language; we then carry out the translation, perhaps using professional CAT tools as technical support, and lastly, we review the text and check that it has been translated correctly and appropriately.

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You can rely on us for...

  • manuals and technical catalogues
  • legal and financial documents, and contracts
  • advertising brochures
  • brochures and presentations
  • transcreation and social media translation
  • localisation services, websites and software
  • international surveys
  • literary texts
  • sworn translations and legalisation services

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